Welcome to HolaPDX! 

This site is dedicated to help you learn and practice your language skills, so let´s get started.

Sign up! ~ click on the Services tab and become a new member. New students get a dedicated page in this site where they can practice their writing skills, watch videos, and discuss topics with other students. This is a great way to put new skills to use.

Students ~Access your dedicated page regularly. I post homework, PDF’s for you to work on, multimedia for you to watch, & other resources to help you put those skills to work.

Weekly Discussion ~ In this site you will be able to participate in our weekly discussion, were you can interact with other students. I will be posting information in your target language. I will place links so you can read articles, watch a video or listen to a sound file. At the end of each post I include three prompt questions for you to answer. This should help you solidify your language skills.  What to do if you don’t know a word: use any of the two dictionaries listed in the grammar tab.

Grammar ~ Page were I will be posting information about your target language. Please, click on this page often and use the resources to reinforce what we’ve been learning...


What do you think? :D ¿Qué piensas?

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